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You need to pass a medical test in order to get an employment residence visa, and family members above the age of 18 must pass in order to get a family residence visa. You may find the government testing centres chaotic, which can be a little bit scary if this is your first experience of the UAE’s healthcare system. Rest assured that, despite appearances, medical hygiene standards are followed and test results are processed efficiently.

You can have your medical test done at a private clinic if authorised to perform government health tests. Your employer should inform you of your options and whether they will cover the extra cost.


Find a Disease Prevention & Screening Centre at dpsc.ahs.ae or a Dubai Health Authority centre at dha.gov.ae.


  • You are employed and in the process of obtaining a residence visa (and therefore have an entry permit)


  • You are being sponsored by a family member and in the process of obtaining a residence visa
What to bring
  • A completed test form filled out in Arabic (there are typing offices near the government hospitals which can do this for around Dhs.20). In most cases your PRO will complete this for you
  • Resident ID application form certified by the Registration Centre at the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA)
    • Entry permit copy (organised by employer) OR visit visa
    • Company trade licence (of sponsor, or sponsor’s employer)
    • Two passport-sized photos
  • Dhs.260 regular
  • Dhs.470 (24-hour processing)
  • Dhs.370 (48-hour processing)


  • Visit a Disease Prevention & Screening Centre in Abu Dhabi or a Dubai Health Authority centre.
  • Blood will be taken and tested for communicable diseases such as HIV, Hepatitis B, syphilis and leprosy.
  • If your tests are positive you will be deported to your home country; if you are at all nervous about the possibility of testing positive it may be a good idea to get tested in your home country before you arrive in Dubai. You will also need to undergo a chest x-ray to test for TB.
  • After all your tests are finished, collect your receipt, which will tell you when to return to collect your results and medical test certificate (usually three days later unless you have paid for a fast-track service).