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One of your first priorities will be to enrol your child in a private school or nursery, where the facilities are world-class and there is a melting pot of nationalities.

Universities and colleges

There's no need to leave the teenagers at home when you move to the UAE as there is a growing number of institutions within the UAE offering degrees and diplomas in the arts, sciences, business, and engineering and technology to students of all nationalities. There are also opportunities for post-graduate study.

World-class institutions

A number of leading international universities have an established presence across Abu Dhabi, and in Knowledge Village and Dubai International Academic City in Dubai. Some public institutions, which are free for UAE citizens, are also now inviting international students to apply. Recently, more expat students have been considering staying in the UAE to continue their education once they have left school.

Some institutions offer students the opportunity to study part-time, or in a structured e-learning environment through the use of a range of learning strategies. International correspondence courses and distance learning schemes are also available.


Parents needing assistance with school fees can apply for an Education Loan with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank (ADCB).

Visit adec.ac.ae and khda.gov.ae for listings in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.