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The Emirates Identity Authority will send you an SMS when your Resident ID is due to expire, asking you to renew it. There’s no time to delay, as you will need a Resident ID application form certified by the Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) before you can renew your residence visa – which expires at the same time.


Renew your Resident ID online at id.gov.ae/en.


  • Existing Resident ID
What to bring
  • Passport (original)
  • Expired or valid residence visa (copy)
  • Expired Resident ID card (if not available, an ID number certificate can be obtained from the EIDA)
  • Dhs.100 for every year in residence
  • Dhs.70 typing fee


  • Visit a typing centre with the documents to complete the relevant application form and pay the fees or online.
  • You will only need to visit an Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) centre if you are instructed to be photographed or fingerprinted again (i.e. if your appearance has changed at all).
  • Pick you Resident ID up from an Emirates Post Office once you receive a confirmation SMS.