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Unless you’re a cash buyer, the first step is to get a pre-approved mortgage, as this will put you in a better position to make a serious offer when you do find the right house. Contact ADCB to get more information. Pre-approval from a bank is based on your income, debt and credit history. When your offer on a property has been accepted you will need to apply for an unconditional mortgage and get a final mortgage approval letter; this is valid for 45 to 60 days depending on your bank. To ensure your mortgage is valid, you must register it with the Abu Dhabi Land Registration Department (LRD) or the Dubai Land Department (DLD). You can purchase the property from abroad, but the following procedure is relevant for those residing in the UAE.


  • Any valid UAE visit or entry visa
What to bring
  • Passport with residence visa (original and copy)
  • Resident ID (original and copy)
  • Marriage certificate (if property is being gifted to wife or husband)
  • A deposit of approximately 15-25% of the property value to the bank to secure a mortgage (if not a cash buyer)
To register mortgage
  • Original mortgage letter from the bank
  • Three copies of mortgage letter from the bank (one for the LRD or DLD; one for you; one for your bank)
  • Passport and residence visa (copy)
  • 0.25% of loan amount + Dhs.10
  • Service fee of Dhs.4,000 paid in cash at mortgage registration stage
  • Title deed (original); one per property if multiple purchases


  • If you’re not a cash buyer, get a mortgage pre-approval. Contact ADCB for more information.
  • Start searching for a property. Only ever use a registered agent or broker.
  • Factor in any additional fees or charges that will be added to the basic property price (your real estate advisor will be able to tell you how much the additional fees are).
  • You may need to request a property valuation (costing around Dhs.2,500) if requested by your mortgage lender.
  • Make an offer on your chosen property.
  • If accepted, apply to your lender for an unconditional approval for your mortgage.
  • A Sales & Purchase Agreement (SPA), also known as a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), will be drawn up by the real estate agency. This is an official contract that defines all the terms and conditions for the transfer of property. It’s advisable to consult a lawyer before signing this.
  • Arrange with your lender for the money to be transferred to the vendor to complete the sale.
  • To complete the transfer of ownership, you will need to register your property with the LRD or DRD.
  • At the same time, register your mortgage with the LRD or DRD; take the documents listed above and pay the required fee.
  • Also, register the title deed at the Abu Dhabi Municipality or DLD.